Food Causes Acne on Face Many factors that cause acne on the face. Including foods often consumed each day. Certain types of foods commonly consumed daily has many different substances. Some foods contain certain substances that can trigger acne on the skin even make acne inflamed, even faster. So as to avoid the appearance of acne then some foods should not be consumed in excess.

Usually, people know acne arises because of the hormones, as well as less skin clean. But, in fact, some foods can trigger and make the acne gets worse so you have to really pay attention to the food that will be consumed if you do not want your facial skin acne arises.

Below are some foods that became a cause of acne on the skin, see description below

1.) Fat

One of the main causes of acne foods that can trigger acne is to consume lots of foods that contain fat. Foods that contain a lot of fat can affect the appearance of acne. In addition to the presence of fat in the body is the cause of blood sugar problems. When blood sugar fluctuates, will result in increased cascading hormonal reactions thus be increased production of sebum (oil on the skin), and then cover the pores and then cause the appearance of acne.
Image : 10 Food Causes Acne on the Face
In addition, excess fat can adversely impact the body. With the amount of fat in the bloodstream will make oxygen and nutrients to flow into the body's cells can run underlayer. So that the effect of the lack of supply of oxygen and nutrients the body needs. And it is still associated with acne because it can worsen the situation of acne on your skin.

2.) Dairy Products

The next type of food causes acne foods that contain milk, such as chocolate, ice cream, cheese, canned milk, and yoghurt. If your face has acne, consume foods such excess can aggravate acne on your face.

Most food products containing milk has a high fat so that it can trigger acne when consumed in large quantities. Additionally, milk is usually produced from pregnant cows. Pregnant cows usually contain hormones that much. The human skin contains enzymes that can alter hormone produced earlier into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT can trigger skin glands increase sebum production, and gave rise to acne.

3.) Sugar

Foods that contain a type of sugar also cause acne and can trigger acne on your face. Primarily sugar, if eating excessive sugar consumption will lead to increased blood sugar so that the production of fat in the body can be increased. And it is known that fat can make the acne condition becomes more severe.

4.) Caffeine

The food causes acne hereinafter foods that contain caffeine. The type of food which is the source of caffeine are chocolate, coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks and pain killer or pain relievers. If consumed in excessive amounts of caffeine will result in less good for the body of which may result in adrenal glands to release stress hormones rise, so that one can increase stress levels. When the body experiences excess stress it can be too good for the health of the body and skin health.

Besides caffeine can disrupt your sleep so it was not able to sleep well. Even though you can sleep, substance caffeine can make you sleep soundly. As has been known that sleep is an important factor that the physical condition of the body can be repaired and sleep is also useful to release toxins. If toxins in the body can not be separated and body condition is not corrected by the perfect health of the body can be decreased than that can trigger acne condition becomes more severe.

5.) Processed Foods

Glycemic index and high salt in a food can affect hormone levels and blood sugar. In order to make increased insulin and may aggravate acne conditions. Therefore, try to stay away from junk food so as not to aggravate the acne on the skin

6.) Carbonated Drinks

Not only foods that cause acne, drinks can also trigger acne including soft drinks. Carbonated drinks can cause inflammation in the body, this is caused by the presence of aspartame could remind acne. Besides soda can also lower the pH, so that could be the cause of acne.

7.) Bread and Cereals

Grains are one of the main processed foods that contain glycemic and can raise blood sugar. When blood sugar rises, it will automatically insulin will increase and can cause acne. Therefore, you should look for alternatives Are Some other foods that contain carbohydrates that are healthier for example brown rice contains vitamin B high enough.

8.) Salt

Excessive salt intake can also be a problem for the skin, which becomes dehydrated. So with skin conditions that will make the skin becomes swollen and would be quite difficult when healing acne. As manifested by Wellman, so that acne can quickly disappear then it is advisable to consume foods that contain vitamin E, iron, potassium and calcium can improve skin health and your body.

9.) Instant Noodle

Fast food is one of the main food is quite popular with many people. One of the main fast food is instant noodles. Moreover, if eating instant noodles more than other types of healthy foods, it would be very harmful to the body. Besides instant noodles to trigger the appearance of acne because it has saturated fat content is high enough. Therefore, we recommend that you minimize the consumption of instant noodles in order to avoid the appearance of acne.

10.) Allergies

The cause of acne is more stubborn the body's allergic to some drinks or certain foods such as milk, seafood or other foods. Besides foods containing carbohydrates are quite high, and high vitamin A and vitamin E are low.

Therefore, begin to reduce excessive sugar consumption. Foods such as chocolate, fizzy drinks, sweets and foods that contain more sugar is a food causes acne stubborn.

Sugar causes the appearance of acne due to excessive consumption of sugar will increase insulin contained in the blood and can trigger the hormone androgen that can cause oily skin. And it is known that oily skin will be easier once the acne. Therefore, you should reduce foods that have high sugar content so that your face averted from acne. Anda.

Above is a Type of Food Causes Acne on the face, if you want to get rid of the acne problem, of course, keep intake types of food like the above should be reduced and not excessive so that acne does not appear on the skin even worsen your acne condition, if you have acne problems.

In addition to keeping intake food consumption, some other factors that must be considered are to keep the skin to keep them clean, how to frequently clean face (face wash) use water this way blackheads can also be cleaned. In addition, adequate rest and regular exercise can keep your body's health is not only distanced from acne but various other illnesses.

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