6 The Healthy Juice Can Eliminate Acne on your face skin, face common problems and many people experience acne. Various factors could be the cause of acne, so there are many people who have acne, especially in the teenage years and even into adulthood. Various methods are done to eliminate acne on the face of this. From the start to avoid foods that can cause acne to the use of drugs of unknown compatibility with a person's skin. But try a better course, than no treatment at all, but should still be careful in choosing a medication for your acne.

Acne is the very disturbing appearance of facial skin because it makes the face look less attractive and become dull. Perhaps you have experienced when planning to attend an event but suddenly popped a zit on your face. Of course, it would try to disguise it with concealer or other types, but sometimes the way is not always successful and visible acne is still visible.

Pimples that appear on the skin in addition combated using outside medicine, it is good to be fought from the inside as well, so in addition to untreated acne can also be prevented. Many events that you can take to get rid of acne. You can consume the juice of fruits or vegetables that have good benefits for the skin. Some fruits and vegetables also contain vitamin powerful enough to prevent and eliminate acne.
6 The Healthy Juice Can Eliminate Acne On Your Skin

Below are some juices that have benefits to prevent acne on your skin. Consider the full description

1.) Tomato Juice

As one of the main fruit, the tomato has many benefits for your health and even your skin's health. Tomato juice can cleanse the skin, relieve skin acne scars and tomato juice can cure acne on your skin.

2.) Carrot Juice

Carrots also have many benefits. Carrots can be made into just and can cleanse your face from acne skin and can also nourish your skin. On the morning before breakfast you could consume carrot juice to get the benefits, in addition, you can also apply on the acne affected skin.

3.) Lemon juice

Lemon juice can also be created and beneficial to as a natural bleach and can cleanse the skin. You can use the squeezed lemon and rub it on the skin so that acne scars can be lost and new acne can appear smaller.

4.) Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera can also be used as a natural remedy to remove acne on your face. In addition to treating acne, aloe vera can also remove scars caused by acne. Prevention of acne and other skin health can also use aloe vera, but for its use must be careful because aloe vera has a sap that is located just below the skin, and has laxative properties.

5.) Melon Juice

Melon juice contains vitamins A and of course, beneficial to health as well as your skin. Acne can also be treated using this melon juice.

6.) Orange Juice

Orange juice contains vitamin C is high, in addition to the orange juice has antioxidants which are beneficial to the skin. You can use lemon juice to remove acne on your wash skin. In addition, you can also create a mask of orange material to get rid of acne.

Above is a 6 juice that has benefits that can eliminate acne. If taken properly, you will benefit from a variety of juices above. In addition to using the juice above, you can prevent acne on your face so that your face and keep your skin clean and healthy.

Actually, there are many natural foods and beverages made from fruits and other vegetables, and it has great benefits for the health of your body. So you can try different healthy juice over to prevent and eliminate acne on your skin.