8 Characteristics Dangerous Acne Drug and Abortion - Using the acne drug does sometimes lead to certain side effects, and most can be tolerated by the skin. However, there are some specific types of acne medications that are dangerous, usually caused by the material manufacturer is dangerous. Herbal ingredients is a way to prevent acne naturally come back also low risk. How to get rid of acne naturally is preferable. Herbal ingredients can also be made as a mask for acne prone skin and makes it very easy way. Should, preferably a natural way that tender of dangerous acne drug.

8 Characteristics Dangerous Acne Drug and Abortion

There are several characteristics of dangerous acne drug. Commonly associated with acne or skin conditions such. However, if the drug used was prohibited, could be obtained more severe hazards.

1. Aggravate acne conditions

It usually results from the use of harmful creams. Fake acne medications generally contain chemical compounds that banned its use. The chemical content can actually trigger acne conditions worse. Stop Pemakian and change using herbs. There are many lists of plants acne removal and how it's used too easy.

2. Itchy trigger acne

Certain chemicals if exposed skin will usually trigger itching. Sensitive skin will usually respond to exposure to chemicals with itchy. So that the chemicals cause itchy acne and how to use a natural mask for facial acne.

3. Making the skin dry and hot

Dangerous acne drug typically contains retinoic acid. This compound will make the skin dry and hot. If this condition is left unchecked can lead to exfoliation. Use a moisturizer and cleanser for acne prone skin to reduce dry skin. natural facial cleansers and how to use them to stay adapted to the material.

4. Cause irritation and smarting
Most acne medications dangerous use mercury as one of the ingredients. Though mercury is already banned use because it can cause irritation and sores in the skin. If left unchecked can cause allergy problems. How to remove acne due to allergy usually with honey.

The content of the Dangerous Acne Drug

Not all acne cream reliever in pharmacies and on the market can cure acne. Even some of the cream turned out to be false and harmful to the skin. To avoid this, how to get rid of acne is traditionally considered more help because few risks.

1. Synthetic Dyes

Not many know that dangerous acne drug commonly used synthetic coloring to make it look similar to the original. Synthetic dyes will have no impact on health. Synthetic dyes generally contain Rodhamin B. The dangers posed from Rodhamin compound B that will damage the liver. These compounds include the danger of antibiotic acne should be avoided.

2. Hydroquinone

One characteristic of dangerous acne drug is too instant results. Super fast results are usually followed by skin color is white but pale. The compounds in acne medications that act are hydroquinone. These compounds also give the other side effects such as black spots, swelling and a burning sensation on the face. If this happens, how to reduce the swelling of the right acne is by dramatic. Dermatix benefits for acne scars is clinically proven able to overcome skin problems.

3. Retinoic Acid

One which is most commonly found in acne medications is dangerous compound retinoic acid. Actually, the use of retinoic acid has been banned in many countries because it can cause various side effects such as hot skin and flaking. Another health effects may result in fetal defects and interfere with fertility. Stop these conditions using the natural mask for facial acne.

4. Mercury

Are substances that are most numerous in acne treatment products. Mercury has a very harmful effect if contact with skin. In the mercury contained heavy metals, so if exposed skin will cause irritation, redness, and trigger black spots. The most dangerous effect is to cause miscarriages in pregnant women. Use cucumbers to relieve irritation and redness. Benefits of cucumber for acne and step how to make cucumber mask can easily be tested.

How to Know the Dangerous Acne Drug

There are various ways that can be used to find out the acne medications are dangerous and false. Therefore, the sense of alertness is needed in this regard. This will reduce the risks of using counterfeit acne medication.

1. Cheap Valuable

It is most common, fake acne medication will usually price. This is because the materials used are also indiscriminate. Unlike the original acne medication creams that use certain materials through the research in advance. Using a natural mask for facial acne offer price cheap. If wants to find a cheap price, it is better if used to remove acne naturally.

2. Triggering Dependence

Some fake acne medication will usually trigger a dependency to long term. In a sense, if usage is stopped then the acne will appear again. Would be much better if you use herbal ingredients. How to remove acne scars with a proven herbal ingredients posed minimal risk, so its use is considered more secure.

3. Strong Scent

Most acne medications are counterfeit produce Banu sting, whether it's the fragrance or stench. This is because mixing of certain chemicals that are not clear will produce an unpleasant smell. So most manufacturers of acne medication mixing counterfeit perfumes to prevent bad smell caused. Unfortunately, the addition of these fragrances can actually cause irritation to the skin.

4. Cream is not evenly mixed

The original cream acne medication made with super modern techniques to produce a blend of cream ingredients are evenly mixed. This is in stark contrast to fake acne medications. Making techniques used are usually still manual so that the ingredients for the cream is not evenly mixed. Avoid creams like this if it finds on the market as well as drug stores.

5. Color Glazed

One of the characteristics of dangerous acne drug is shiny and flashy colors. Beware if it finds acne cream reliever in pharmacies or on the market with such characteristics. Ask the first origin to ensure that the cream is fake or not. Most acne creams counterfeit drugs using certain colors bleach that can cause problems in skin.

6. Check the Packaging

Today, all health products must obtain certification from the health department also BPOM. Before deciding to use this acne medication, should see the packaging first. Are there permits, related or not. If it does not exist, avoid the use of this acne medicine. Checks registration number if necessary.