Acne is so easy to come and go. A dermatologist from the International Dermal Institute, Dr Annet King said in a statement the move on the outside, such as exercise, especially direct exposure to sunlight can make acne come sooner.

Sweating during exercise also causes the acne. However, a person can be free or very minimum getting acne if you follow the tips below, quoted from the Fashion Spot

Avoid Acne Tips for Exercise

Wash your face before exercising

Before exercising, you should wash your face and free of makeup. If not, acne it will spring up when you sweat. Sweat mingled with oil, dirt and makeup that everything is getting pushed into your skin when remove it with a towel. If your skin is clean when exercising then nobody will clog the pores of your face.

Wear proper clothing

Try to wear clothes that can absorb moisture. This is to keep your body relatively cool during exercise. It also helps prevent sweat absorbing into the skin for a long time.


When exercising, keep your hair neatly tied, braids or ponytails. This is to maintain a fixed air could blow to the face, neck, and back. Especially if you wear specialty hair products, such as moisturizers that could only transfer the sweat to the skin and cause acne.

Carefully touch the face

If you use a towel when exercising, you should not rub or wipe your face. It will only irritate the skin, but also pushing contaminants into the skin.

When you exercise, you may use the gym equipment already used those before you. If you touch the face after exercise, then the germs and bacteria on sports equipment that could transfer the bacteria that cause acne. Wash your hands, then touch the face.

Shower and wash your face after exercising

If you can take a shower, the shower was over exercising. Use an antibacterial soap, but alcohol-free. You can also use natural ingredients, such as salicylic acid, witch hazel and camphor.