How to Overcome Acne Treatment in the Back, As it is known that acne does not only appear on the skin of the face alone, but acne can also appear in the various skin surface of the body. Usually, in addition to the face of acne appearing on the chest or back, neck, upper arms and sometimes a lot of people do not realize that the chest or his back turned out to be affected by acne.

Although the chest and back can be covered using clothing to be more closed, but of course if there is a pimple on the body will still disturb you. Additionally, if you wear a little bit open pimples or acne scars dark spots will be seen, so it will reduce your confidence.

Image : Causes and How to Overcome Acne on the Backs

1. Factors that are similar to the causes of the appearance of acne on the face

Acne on the back can be caused by the triggering factor Sanma with a trigger factor of acne on your face, including the production of oil glands are overactive, many dead skin cells and proliferation appearance bacteria that cause acne. In addition, the skin cells that die da also the oil which is then trapped in the skin follicles or pores which then lead to blockage. Furthermore, this blockage makes the face with blackheads and pimples can emerge over time if the invading bacteria.

2. The number of sebaceous glands

Usually, acne appears on the back area of the body or the back contains sebaceous glands which are quite a lot compared to other regions resulting in the follicle will be more likely to lead to excess sebum and dead skin.

3. Clothes

Factors in the back cause of acne can also be caused by clothing that is too tight you use. The friction on the clothing and follicle inflammation would make the situation worsen acne. In addition, the use of backpacks that are too long can also worsen acne on your back.

4. Sweat

Another factor causing the appearance of acne on the back is sweat. Sweat out of the body can irritate existing acne on the body so as a way to minimize the occurrence of irritation then you are recommended to take a shower after you have finished exercising. Also, avoid the friction on your skin, and do not rub the body when you shower, you need to do is clean your body with soap.

For how to deal with acne that appears on the back, you can try the following tips and how!

1. How To Overcome Acne on the First Squad

You should wash the first dorsal area affected by acne by using an anti-bacterial cleanser that works specifically for acne on the back. You should not use ordinary soap.

2. How to Overcome Acne on the Backs Second

Then you can use a gel or cream can also benzoyl peroxide at a concentration of about 10 percent, these materials are available in pharmacies or you can also use a prescription. Attention! You read carefully step usage.

3. How to Cope with Acne in the Third Squad

You should avoid clothes that are too tight because it will make your acne becomes more severe, you should wearing a shirt looser and able to absorb perspiration.

Now, by knowing Cause and How to Overcome Acne on the Backs as described in the article and the points above, you can certainly avoid the various factors that cause acne problems appear on your back.

If you have been using various means to care for skin with acne, but acne is not too lost, we recommend that you consult these problems with a dermatologist so they can get the best solution. Or you can also visit a clinic that can overcome the problems of acne on your back part.

In addition to treatment at a clinic or doctor can also perform maintenance and prevention of acne at home by bathing at least twice a day, changing clothes already sweating, and do not forget to consume foods that are healthy and nutritionally balanced diet and avoid foods cause of acne , In addition, your bed should also be maintained by changing the bed linen at least twice each month