Characteristics, Causes, and How to Overcome It - Acne make the face look dirty, making facial acne does not seem healthy. Women and men alike can feel a pimple anytime. If the acne has appeared, then you certainly want to completely eliminate an acne. As a result, the fingers are ignorant will try to eliminate acne with a vengeance. Habits are still mostly done by women and men. Special women who feel disturbed by the presence of acne.

When the fruit is not successful acne is eliminated, then there is a sense of annoyance. The hand that had been used to try to eliminate acne will be rubbed on any part of the face. That trigger the growth of acne more and more. For your hands are fairly carry dirt from acne will be borne spread. Becomes dangerous when the type of acne that tends to grow on the face of your cystic acne. What's cystic acne, certainly must be known to be vigilant whenever acne growing on the face. Cystic acne is the type of acne that grows with the harsh nature. When you press the pimples on the face, fingers you feel a hardened skin.

Characteristics, Causes, and How to Overcome It
Moreover, you will wince in pain when pressing cystic acne though slowly. It can be said that cystic acne including acne is still difficult to remove. Need care with specialists in order to cystic acne that may have been more widespread be resolved soon.

The characteristics emergence of Acne Stone

1. Larger Size

Judging from the size, cystic acne has a larger size than other types of acne.

2. Harder & Hospital when on tap

As already described above that when pressed, cystic acne will feel hard. To ensure that the growing acne cystic acne on the face you are sure to press it. If it hurts, then that cystic acne. The hallmark of cystic acne others is because you pressed it with a very strong, it will make ongoing pain

3. It spreads quickly in the face

Know characteristic cystic acne is very quickly spread to the entire face. Even if you're a dirty face state will be able to spread to the neck. When you've managed to eliminate cystic acne on the face, do not expect to face will be smooth. For characteristic of cystic acne scars on the face causing facial skin is perforated.

Incidence Causes Acne Stone

Prior to becoming a serious problem cystic acne on the face you, then know the cause of acne stone.

1. As a result of Genetic Factors

For those of you who have any kind of oily face, possibly because of your family have oily skin types. Genetic excess oil glands in the face and then also you experienced. Cystic acne is very easy to grow in oily skin types. If in your family there is seen to have the cystic acne problem, it will most likely happen to you. Note also that if you face skin type is oily, it is better to limit the intake of oily foods as soon as possible. In order for cystic acne is not so easy to grow in the face you.

2. As a result of Psychological Factors

For those of you who have the burden of thinking, better let your mind relax. Cause a lot of thought that lead to stress will trigger the growth of cystic acne. You will very easily cover with acne stone. For suppression of the face. It was done by the facial muscles are tightened so that the production of oil glands in the face of increases and sparked the growth of bacteria that cause cystic acne.

3. As a result of Cosmetics

For Reviews, those of you who must wear cosmetics as well just go home, be sure to clean Immediately after not Necessary. Especially for those who often wear heavy cosmetics. If not being cleaned up, then that is what will cause the growth of cystic acne. Because part of the pores of your face will be clogged by cosmetics you use.

4. Consumption result Pill

For women who are married and should be taking birth control pills, can also trigger the growth of cystic acne. Birth control pills will cause cystic acne appears because there are changes in the body immunity.

How To Overcome Acne Stone On The Face

No need to worry for you who have to face problems as a result of cystic acne. Good for you, which is overgrown one fruit or cystic acne already a lot, then do not worry. Stay there a way to overcome cystic acne that grows without mercy.

1. Avoid Acne Drug Use With Chemicals

If you often wear acne medication, then it is better to be cautious. The chemicals in acne medications tend to trigger the growth of acne stone. If you really want to wear acne medication, then make sure you consume the drug is safe herbal ingredients.

2. Using Tomatoes

Tomatoes are already often used solution to treat acne. Even acne stone can be overcome with the use of tomatoes. You simply sliced tomatoes and wiped evenly across the surface of the face. More effective if you wipe up to the neck in order to prevent the possibility of cystic acne-causing bacteria had reached the neck. Then let the liquid from the tomato paste and permeated your facial skin. About ten minutes later you will be rinsing with warm water. And immediately dry your face. In addition, it is effective to eliminate cystic acne, it also makes the face becomes fresh and bright.

3. Using Lime

Orange juice is also able to cope with the growth of cystic acne on the face. The same way as tomatoes, you simply applying a liquid of lemon to the face. It feels sorer than tomatoes, but for the loss of cystic acne, it is not problem hold. Diamkanlah for five to ten minutes and only you should rinse with water.

4. Facial Acne

Facial acne on a regular basis is one of the busier cystic acne that you can try. With you will get the facial skin clean and reduce the cystic acne.

Important Information About Acne Stone

In addition, there is still important and complete information you should know about cystic acne. So you'll really be scared of the possibility of cystic acne growth. Here is the information that they need to know about cystic acne.

1. Acne Prevention Stones Grow On Face

Prevention is clearly different to overcome. Overcome cystic acne, cystic acne that had already grown in the face you. But to prevention, cystic acne has not been possible to grow the face you. How to prevent acne rock the main thing is to clean the face on a regular basis.

Prevention can be done is by letting your face always clean. Every time feels dirty, then wash your face with clean running water. Then associated with cystic acne that is easy to grow on oily skin types, even if you are not oily skin types, but most likely can still happen to you. When you consume a lot and every day the food were greasy. Because without you knowing it, you increase the amount of oil in the body and potentially in the production of oil glands in the face.

2. Easy Facial Acne Overgrown Stone

The discussion of this information related to a person's age. It can be said that anyone related to gender, women and men can be infected cystic acne. However, related to age, it is easy cystic acne will start to grow on the face someone when adolescence to adulthood. Especially the youth, cystic acne will very often grow their face.

Possibly because the teens have not been so clever in maintaining the cleanliness of the face. But do not rule out also for adults susceptible problem cystic acne because of the cosmetics for a long time and recently cleared for several hours. So make sure your face is always healthy, kept clean, and do not forget to do the treatment for acne stones do not come and grow on the face.