Acne is a common problem that occurs on the skin of women and men. To get rid of acne, we often push it to bleed or even pus. As a result, acne scars are difficult to remove. It's like a curse. What can we do? 

The Natural Way to Eliminate Acne Scars

Here is a natural way to get rid of acne scars

1. Rinse face with coconut water

Coconut water is very powerful when used to remove acne scars. Wash your face with coconut water twice a day can soothe and soften your skin.

2. Mask yogurt

Yogurt mask can lighten skin damage caused by acne scars. You can mix yogurt with fresh fruits. Use a natural mask it regularly every day. It is an effective way to remove acne scars and lightens skin naturally.

3. Masks dried orange peel

Drying the orange peel to dry. Then blend it into a powder. Mix the powder with a little milk and used as a mask on the face. This natural mask can encourage the emergence of new skin.

4. Mask lemon

Wash your face with lemon juice. Let air dry for 10-15 minutes on your face. Then, rinse with clean water. Lemon is the best solution to get rid of acne scars.

5. Mask tomatoes

Tomatoes are a source of antioxidants that can eliminate acne scars. Combine tomatoes and cucumbers that have been mashed with milk powder. Apply the mask on your face. Let stand until dry and rinse.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Pour 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix with a little water. Then, add honey into the concoction. Clean your face with a natural herb that can eliminate the acne scars.

Try these simple tips in the home. Remember! Although impressed by the simple, you should regularly do. If not, then you will not feel the results.