What Causes Cystic Acne - Cystic Acne Prevention Tips - Cystic acne is a bacterial disease found commonly on adolescents and adults (both male and female). Most people thought it to be a hormonal imbalance. This infectious bacterium commonly clogs the pores in the skin.

The clog occurs by the excess of oil produced in the skin by the sebaceous oil glands. It is developed under the skin almost red in color full of blood and pus.

Cystic acne plays with the human tendency of scratching and squeezing. When the cyst is full of bacteria automatically it cause itching feeling, as per tendency the person tends to scratch it off and also by squeezing off the pus to get a smooth skin.

By means of squeezing there is a chance of spreading too. But both tendencies results in making a permanent scar (porch scar) on the skin.

This would later form as pustules which cause an embarrassing feeling on both male and female. Most commonly women are likely to be affected by this.
Cystic Acne
Women tend to use more makeup to hide the acne scar to avoid embarrassment. As a result of this, the pores gets clogged again and therefore bacteria thrives in it. The cause varies from one to other.

Prevention or cure

"Prevention is better than cure", a commonly known saying that is exactly what is needed to stop this skin condition.

So far, there is no permanent solution but it can be prevented by various treatments or it can be kept in control by using medicines. Medicines are used for cystic acne to reduce the production of oil in sebaceous oil glands.

First and foremost the person who is likely to be affected by cystic acne should keep their skin always clean and healthy. For this, a solid skin cleansing regimen is used which is specially formulated for cystic acne skin.

Following the cleansing regimen, an exfoliating cream should be used externally to remove the excess of dirt and oil in the skin. Along with this a light moisturizer cream is also used to keep the skin clean forever. So keeping the person clean can help from cystic acne.

On adding up to all these external treatments, cystic acne can be treated internally by means of a laser treatment.

Laser treatment penetrates deep inside the skin and removes bacteria from the skin. The dead cells are removed and the larger pores are made smaller to prevent from clogs and pustules in the future.

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