What Is Acne And What Types of Acne That? Many people think that acne is the usual form of small reddish bumps appears only on the face. When in fact acne can appear in various places such as the chest, back, and scalp. And acne appears to have a wide range of species that's it not even look similar. Any small painless acne though is very disturbing for some people because in addition to reducing the beauty of women can also make us less confident. And here we will discuss more acne, in addition to increasing knowledge is also very important so that we can know how to eliminate acne properly with appropriate measures and effective.

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Based on the type of shape Acne

1. Acne Inflammation

When the bags contained follicles in the dermis fills with solid fats, it could lead to the inflated dermis. Then it will break so that white blood will hit subsea follicles become involved in inflammation on the skin. This inflammatory acne will be sore and have a large enough size larger than blackheads which there is pus. When we tried to break it down by hand or tools that are not clean, there will be more severe inflammation due to bacteria from the outside in and infect.

2. Blackheads

Hearing the word blackheads would be familiar to you, and blackheads also include one type of acne. But blackheads are not sick like this because the inflammatory acne blackheads are pimples that just clog the pores of the skin and not infected by germs and bacteria.

Blackheads itself consists of two types:

  1. Open comedones (White hide comedo) which have the characteristics of clogged pores have a pale white color.
  2. Closed comedones (Black head comedo) which have the characteristics of clogged pores have a blackish color.

3. Acne conglobate

This type of acne conglobate is a collection of acne sometimes in the form of boils. Initially, acne like acne begins emergence 1 then grow and continue to grow so clustered and become one and then widened and fester. This happens because we squeeze acne using something that is not as clean as nails or other tools so that the spread of germs and bacteria and make acne worse. And though acne can be cured, but the scars are difficult to remove.

Type Acne In the Know Community

1. Acne Stone

Cystic acne is the same with inflammatory acne but has a larger size and painful due to inflammation terrific. If allowed to continue without promptly treated after the acne is healed will leave scars on the face like a basin that can not be cured.

2. Acne Sand

Acne sand acne is a collection of small lots so that looks are like sand. Acne is not sick because it does not happen inflammation, but make a face so terrible to behold.

Various Types of Acne More

1. Acne Juvenil

Juvenile acne is acne that occurs due to hormonal changes in adolescents who experience puberty, or between the ages of 14 to 20 years old. Hormones are unstable due to produce sebum.

2. Acne Rosacea

In contrast to the juvenile acne, pimples this one appears in women aged 30 to 50 years. Acne is caused by inflammation would then cause creases on the nose as if to look flaky. If the acne affected is then to overcome it is to go to a dermatologist.

3. Acne Nitrosica

Acne is one of acne which is quite dangerous because if the wrong treatment can cause the holes on the face and can damage the face. If you are affected by acne, the solution is you have to go to a dermatologist. This type of acne is the final stage of acne.

4. Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is actually another name for blackheads. Blackheads are a type of acne that is quite easy to treat. Generally, can be cured by evaporation in the face affected by acne.

Fulfilled what is acne and what types of acne? Whoa, there are various types of acne that are also yes, acne is not something scary if we know its handling. Common causes of acne are hormonal changes and lack us in maintaining cleanliness. Therefore, do not forget to wash your face at bedtime routine, including when