Almost all types of acne interfere with the display on the face. Including, acne rosacea. This acne usually leaves pink or red spots, which appear on the nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin. Unfortunately, this skin disease can not be cured but can be controlled with proper care and treatment.

Usually, acne appears during adolescence and soon recovered within a certain time, but not with acne rosacea that can arise in a long time. Acne Rosacea usually occurs in people pale skin.

What is Acne Rosacea ?

Here are some of the causes of acne rosacea, as quoted Magforwomen

1. Exposure to sunlight extreme

Adult acne or acne rosacea affects adults who are often exposed to sunlight. It is one of the most common causes of acne and worse if not taken care of.

Skin that is too dry and a lot of sweat on the skin that are exposed to the sun can also cause acne rosacea.

2. Excessive Stress

People stress over time can experience acne rosacea. Stress can raise blood pressure so that the thickened skin, bulging blood vessels in the skin, causing redness.

Acne can be treated by a dermatologist but if his condition worsens, then the acne was so incurable.

3. Genetic

It is a hereditary disease. Is your skin is exposed to sunlight or not. In some cases, acne starts from adolescence and lasts forever.

4. Food Unhealthy

The intake of unhealthy foods, spicy foods, too greasy, junk food can cause acne rosacea. In such cases, usually starts with small cysts that look like a pimple and then face covered by spots. It contains a liquid. One of the causes that have to watch out for is food allergies because it can also cause rosacea.

5. face cream containing steroids

At the time of face cream containing steroids used on the face in the long term, can cause a permanent allergy which converts to rosacea.

Not all facial creams contain steroids, but if someone is using the cream can damage the skin permanently.