Not unlike the existing acne on the face, acne on the neck can also cause irritation, unpleasant and can even lead to insecurity

How to deal with acne on the neck is basically tantamount to cure acne on the chest or other parts of the body such as the face and the back made us feel sick and can aggravate acne growth itself due to the increased sebum. So deal with acne on the neck a bit more complicated but it does not mean that can not be eliminated

Before discussing how to deal with acne on the neck, we need to understand the why acne can flourish in the neck
Acne on the Neck Overcome by Easy
Acne on the Neck Overcome by Easy

Causes of Acne on the Neck

Based on the research of experts, there are several possibilities that could be the cause:
  1. Sweat or dirt attached to the neck and is not cleaned immediately. Dirt is the cause of acne growing on the neck and will multiply if the dirt block pores.
  2. Wearing a shirt that has a collar tight so sweat and dirt is piled on the area around the neck. If left for long periods, can cause irritation and inflammation that subsequently cause acne
  3. When you shave in the chin and neck, there are several sections of hair that may be trapped in the pores of the neck and then grow into.
  4. The use razors unhygienic can also cause acne. Moreover, if these shaving techniques cause injury.
  5. Some foods can cause acne flourish in the neck and other body parts such as sugar, milk, caffeine, alcohol and all kinds of fried food.
  6. Contact with chemicals such as PCBs and chlorine while swimming in the pool. Generally, the pool using both of these chemicals to disinfect the water. However, if used excessively, it can cause problems chloracne and very frequent
  7. The bacterial growth in the neck which then lead to acne.
The most powerful way to overcome the acne on the neck, of course, is to eliminate as much as possible all factors. If the cause has been resolved then gradually acne more difficult to grow and as a result, the neck will be free of such distractions.

The most powerful way to overcome the acne on the neck, of course, is to eliminate as much as possible all factors. If the cause has been resolved then gradually acne more difficult to grow and as a result, the neck will be free from acne problems.

What if cleanliness has been maintained and you have to minimize all factors that cause acne on the neck but does not go away. If this happens then you may be time-consuming natural acne medicine or homeopathic remedies.

How To Overcome Acne In Neck

There are many types of acne and techniques to overcome differences, depending on the causes and risk factors. Pimples that grow on the neck or on the back is a sign that the body is experiencing hormonal imbalance. So, the issue is not merely because the skin pores are clogged, but also from within the body.

In addition, high levels of stress can also be the cause of this acne formation. Conditions of stress and fatigue will affect the body's internal hormones and responds in the form of acne.

So, to get rid of pimples on my neck, it helps you more likely to treatment such holistic
  1. Changing the diet by eating more vegetables, greenery, organic and foods that contain essential fats.
  2. Stop eating refined sugar and increase exercise. Besides being able to make the body become fitter, it also aims to improve skin tone and give a bit of flab.
  3. Keep your sleep patterns, at least 89 hours each day.
  4. Make sure that the body gets enough sunlight each day. Bodies with morning sunlight will help meet vitamin D intake and to avoid skin cancer. In addition, it can also increase the level of nitric oxide and melatonin in the body which then can lower blood pressure.
  5. Avoid the use of drugs dermatological, topical creams, and antibiotics for acne medication pharmacy is only temporary and can cause side effects
Basically, the best way to remove acne on the neck is to take steps to prevent acne arises as diligent in cleaning the face and neck, wash your hair, balanced nutrition and of course exercising

But if despite preventive efforts have been done but still some acne on the face or neck, the way to overcome the acne on the neck of the most effective is to do a natural and holistic methods.

Here are some steps to overcome the acne on the neck:

  1. Clean the face and neck using a special soap (cleanser). Very good if you use natural ingredients such as cucumber or lemon because of its content can dry acne fast.
  2. Then use facial soap for acne that can reduce excess oil and prevent bacteria from multiplying in the neck.
  3. To prevent acne from appearing on the neck using acne mask once a week.
  4. Rinse acne masks with cold water and then proceed by applying toner to the neck. Toner serves to remove the remainder of the mask that may still remain in the pores around the neck.
  5. Then the acne which has grown in the neck, you can use a drug that contains salicylic acid to prevent bacterial infection.
So if you want to get rid of acne on the neck, then it starts, the start to keep the face and neck, then change your lifestyle to become healthier and avoiding the factors trigger acne in the neck