Bangs hairstyles are indeed central popular among the ladies. Make the display look younger make bangs hairstyles are still sought after today. Unfortunately, often the hair bangs instead cause skin problems, especially the area of skin that is covered by bangs, such as the emergence of pimples on the forehead. 
Causes of Cystic Acne
Causes of Cystic Acne
Then, why this might happen? The forehead is part of T-zone, which has oil glands more than other parts of the face. No wonder acne often appears in the area. Oily face is generally caused by excess sebum production. Sebum is actually beneficial to keep the skin moist, but if its production is precisely an excess can cause acne problem has occurred. "Acne usually develops when the hair covering the skin so that clog pores. 

Not to mention if there is dirt on the face so aggravating acne problems, "said Mara Vezeau, Medical Communications, and Relations, as reported by Canada's recent HuffPost Style, Sunday (16/10/1999). In addition to bangs hairstyles, the appearance of pimples on the forehead are also caused by hair product deployment. Expressed by Charmaine Cooper, Education Manager Dermalogica Canada hair styling products, often leaving a residue on the skin and clog pores. 

This is what causes the onset of pimples on the forehead. However, it does not mean you have to cut your bangs darlings. As a solution, there are many different ways to prevent acne problems due to bangs. You can start it with styling your bangs towards the side and slightly removed him from the forehead. Make sure to clamp the bangs before bedtime and when exercising. Avoid frequent touching hair bangs by hand because it could be your hands there is dirt or bacteria that can trigger the emergence of skin problems. 

Then, clean the face is also important for your facial skin. Because oily skin tends to be more easily and quickly produce shit, then select SOAP cleanser containing salicylic acid. Clean your face at least twice a day and after doing the activity. Do not forget, the use of toner is also good for tightening the pores of the skin of the face.