Cystic Acne is becoming a big problem in one's life, cystic acne is like a ghost can't be kept away, but you don't get discouraged, you can read the specialist on the web.

Acne is a nightmare during the day, who does not see any bulge hates it if little red in the face when it reflects? She is quiet, powerful treatment for severe acne.
Cystic Acne Specialist
Acne that occurs in just one and could be gone in a few days, still make me irritated. Especially if the acne that appears a lot and endures for years? It could just be that the signs of severe acne like cystic acne.

Cystic acne is included in requirements severe acne. Surely knows it not, when it comes to Acne when skin pores become blocked by dead skin cells, oil, or sometimes the bacteria. Severe cystic acne is caused when the blockage is further into the skin. As a result, soft bumps appear (such as skin blisters) large pus filled red and feels sore. More spooky again, this severe acne can persist on the skin over the years, grown in large parts of the skin, leaving a permanent scar.

If experiencing severe acne like this, it is advisable to immediately ask for help to the doctor's dermatologist. Treat severe acne like cystic acne isn't enough just by washing the face using SOAP anti-acne facial cleanser.

To cope with cystic acne, a dermatologist may recommend or prescribe various drugs such as the following:
  1. Antibiotics help control the bacteria and cure the inflammation. But sometimes acne does not respond to antibiotics or deny antibiotics after several years usage.
  2. Creams, lotions, or gels that contain retinoids. This can help clean the blockage of the pores and help antibiotics work better.
  3. Birth control pills, help regulate hormones in some women.
  4. Isotretinoin. The drug is thought to be able to cope with all the causes of acne and get rid of acne to completely and permanently. Here's how this pill, drink as much as one or two times a day for about 5 months. If severe acne recurred, live drink this medicine again. However, to be aware of is the result different could happen to different people and pregnant women must not be consumed.
  5. Spironolactone is a diuretic drug, which serves to discard the excess fluid in the body, also works as a deterrent of hormones.
In addition to the treatment of ala a doctor, there is also daily care to do. His purpose in order not to worsen the severe acne or even bring up other acne-acne. That should be done is:
  1. Do not hold or even squeeze acne. The more often you hold or squeeze, the more severe infection or increased swelling pimples. As a result, Acne can leave scars picked. We certainly don't want to if this is the case, isn't it?
  2. Don't wash your face too often. Wash face twice a day with SOAP or facial cleanser recommended doctors and warm water is sufficient.
  3. Do not rub the face when cleaned. Avoid the use of abrasive facial SOAP, containing grain or exfoliating astringent.
  4. Avoid using make-up thick and made from oil. It is recommended to choose the make-up water-based and non-comedogenic.
  5. Remove makeup before going to bed to really clean.
In addition to treatment from the outside, relieve severe acne can also be helped by not consuming foods trigger acne and implement a healthy lifestyle