How To Treat Acne Inflamed - No fun of inflamed acne, ranging from the merely annoying appearance aroused the uncomfortable pains. If you have various ways you try to remove it but it didn't work as well, don't be sad. Try several ways to treat acne Inflamed it.

Inflamed acne occurs when the area below the blockage inflamed blackheads and flushed. Inflamed Acne can also occur because you did a wrong way to get rid of acne. For example, squeeze acne in ways that are not true or wear a device that is not clean.
How To Treat Acne Inflamed
Squeeze a pimple can actually do yourself at home, provided you have the right tools and sterile. You should also know very well how the technique is right in doing so. If not, we recommend that you do not do it yourself. The condition of the hands are not clean, sterile instruments, and the fluid that comes out of a pimple that is pressed instead may exacerbate the State of your acne. So make the pimple redness, sores, infected, inflamed and more. In fact, it does not cover possible, Acne can leave scars on the face or other parts of the spread.

Inflamed acne may actually be avoided by keeping personal hygiene and not overcome acne. But if the pimples on the face already inflamed, try several ways to resolve it.
  1. Tea tree oil or tea tree oil to remove acne inflamed you can do with natural ingredients, one of them is to use tea tree oil. The content in it can help in relieving inflammation that occurs in the inflamed acne. Besides tea tree oil can also reduce oil production and eliminate bacteria in the face. This tea leaf oil contains benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient that is also used in the treatment of acne cream which is sold freely. But, for those who suffer from eczema or who have sensitive skin should be careful. Effect of treatment of acne by tea tree oil is quite heavy for those who have the skin condition.
  2. Sulfurs Though have the smell unpleasant, quite powerful ingredients including sulfur in removing acne inflamed. The reason, the use of sulfur can help in getting rid of dead skin cells, reduce oil on the face, and relieve inflammation on acne.
  3. Zinc as with tea tree oil and sulfur, zinc can also help in reducing oil production in the face, according to the latest research. In addition, the content of zinc in Acne medications also can protect the skin against inflammation and bacterial infection. Other than in the form of a cream or lotion, zinc is also available in supplement form. But remember not too excessive consumption, because of excessive zinc intake can thus make the absorption of copper (copper minerals) is interrupted. At least avoid consuming more than 30 mg of zinc supplements per day.
  4. Vitamin A Resolve Acne can also be done by taking vitamin A or put on ointments containing vitamin a. but, in taking any vitamin A is also noteworthy for Acne does not consume more than 10,000 IU (International units) a day. Because if consumed excessively, vitamin A is fat-soluble, accumulate in the body and can be toxic to your body. While vitamin A in the form of cream there is usually in the form of retinoids. This retinoid that later can enhance your facial skin regeneration while accelerating wound healing, so damaged skin due to Acne inflamed skin can be replaced with a new one.
If you don't want the inflamed Zits, don't squeeze pimples and keep the original hygiene face every day. If you start to interfere with your acne, try to consult a dermatologist so that you get the right handling. Or take advantage of some repellent inflamed Acne as above.