Talk about acne, among teenagers, these days often have skin problems, not only the women but also men. Acne problem is actually quite disturbed the first appearance at that time is the perfect time to search for identity.
Acne Treatment For Men
Acne sometimes also cause excess itching even when you scratch it, it was reckless and even cause sores and acne scars which of course has its own tips so that the black flecks can be lost from the face you. I will start this by the first tip discusses how this Acne can occur on the men then continued with a new way to remove acne for men.

Causes Of Acne In Men

In General, acne is a skin disorder that is due to the presence of abnormalities on the skin's oil glands. Oil glands function to remove excess oil from the glands within the skin, because it is clogged then it came to acne.

The occurrence of acne in men also sometimes differ with the occurrence of acne in women. Causes of acne in women are usually influenced by hormonal changes, namely the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormonal changes usually occur when the woman PMS (premenstrual syndrome), while the cause of acne in men not because of hormonal factors, acne in men is more due to the occurrence of stress, sleep problems or because of the food factor.

How To Acne Treatment For Men

Get rid of acne is indeed easy-easy hard, everyone has their own special skin characteristics so I will discuss it in general terms only. If you have tried to buy cream or acne remedy avail, however you can try this simple and easy ways to eliminate existing acne on you.

1. Regularly clean the face of the

Because of acne due to the abundance of oil in advance, then frequently clean the face so the dead skin cells that accumulate upfront could be lost. You can use the face cleanser SOAP to do this treatment, if you've been matched with any SOAP cleaners don't often replace it because it can cause allergies if it turns out that replacement SOAP does not match with your skin. When not using SOAP, you can simply use clean water only and try doing the washing the face at least twice a day. It's also important to wash your face before going to bed.

2. Pay attention to Your sleep patterns

Sleep patterns are very influential towards the occurrence of acne in men. Try not to hobby over time because the best time to sleep is to start treatment hour 22.00 and 05.00 hours, wake up. At this time very active skin cells to replace dead skin cells and doing rangsangaan for the formation of new skin cells. If you have symptoms of insomnia, you can ask for a doctor's advice to help you overcome this problem.

3. Use ice cubes to care

Ice cubes can help you get rid of acne on the face. You can put ice cubes on acne any day. Ice cubes can also be combined with other natural ingredients to eliminate acne in men.

4. How to get rid of acne With Aloe Vera

Natural ingredients better than cream or acne medications that contain a lot of chemicals. You could try using Aloe Vera or aloe vera. In addition to cheap and easily obtainable, Aloe Vera has the kasiat to perform the rejuvenation of tissue damaged skin cells. Aloe Vera cukuf effectively removes acne scars and overcome the occurrence of inflammation on the skin. How to wear it: use the inside of Aloe Vera as a mask with peeling his skin first. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera used is that young or medium-sized.

5. Applying Lemon juice On Face

Using lemon is a great way to remove acne men naturally, deposits of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) found in lemon is quite effective and safe for the skin of the face. How to get rid of acne with lemon: you can use the juice of a lemon or directly use lemon slices for greasing parts of the face that there are jerawatnya. Do at least 2 -3 times a week, but bia you experience irritation due to the skin of your face including sensitive skin, discontinue use of this lemon and try to consult a doctor. Lemon also cause dry skin, so you need to wash the face until moist after menggoleskan lemon on the face.

So any tips how to get rid of acne men in General, you can try doing this treatment by consulting physician if necessary especially if your skin is classified sensitive.