Alert With Acne On Breast - Breast cancer is one disease that is dangerous that target women. However, don't panic if the acne has occurred in the breast. It is not necessarily a symptom of breast cancer.
Alert With Acne On Breast
Acne is not a serious ailment belongs to, but it can cause acne scars that can interfere with the appearance. In contrast, breast cancer is a dangerous disease, namely in the form of malignant cells that grow uncontrollably on the breast and risky spreads to other organs. To that end, it is important to know for knowing the difference of acne in the breast with cancer symptoms.

Observe Carefully

Acne is caused a blockage on bacterially infected skin cells so the swelling. Various trigger acne, among others, the menstrual cycle, stress, anxiety, hot and humid air, oil-based makeup, oily hair, customs and squeeze the pimples.

Acne does not only arise on the face, but also allows the acne on your back, shoulders, neck, or acne on the chest. There are several types of acne that can grow, including acne on breasts, such as papules, pustules, nodules, or cysts

Types of acne papules can be recognized from the characteristic reddish-colored bumps. While acne pustules reddish colored bumps also shows, but APEX looks white because there is pus in it

Acne nodules will seem big and hard, often feels pain because it goes into the skin. An acne cyst is similar to Acne pustules that have pus on the inside, but more painful and looks at the surface of the skin.

In addition, there is also breast acne caused by other things. For example, acne on breastfeeding on the woman, generally this is a symptom of a yeast infection. Then, may also arise a bump resembling acne is actually caused by insect bites.

Symptoms that Need to be Controlled

Acne in the breasts can be treated by changing the habitual triggers acne or may be accompanied with the usage of free medication for acne. For example, clean the area around a pimple with a soft soap, and immediately take a shower while sweaty or after exercising.

Then, free medication for Acne that can be used includes creams and gels that contain sulfur, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and resorcinol.

Although acne on the breast is generally harmless, there are symptoms of acne in the breasts that need to look out for as the symptoms of cancer. I.e. If acne appears not as the usual acne appears, feels more pain or not immediately improved after treated with drug-free. Likewise, if acne on breast feels hard when touched or looked increasingly enlarged.

In addition, beware of acne on the breast if accompanied by symptoms of breast cancer such as changes in size or shape of the breast, swelling in the armpit, change in the nipple, or discharge of liquid from the nipple.

If acne on breast feels unusual or coupled with other symptoms are suspicious, immediately check and consultation with a doctor.