Cystic Acne on Chin - Once you know the various causes why acne on the Chin can arise, then it is time you to figure out how to resolve various kinds of acne on the Chin. Here is his review for you.
  1. Use The Mask The Garlic. Garlic has compounds of sulfur that will dry up the pimples on Chin and deflate rapidly. Well, how to get rid of acne with garlic is very easy, you can smooth mashing the onion, then mix it with water, then apply the finely crushed garlic last to your chin in your skin. After 20 minutes, then you can wash your skin.
  2. Use Mask Lemon. Benefits of lemon for acne is this fruit is a bleaching agent which can be deflating acne quickly, so acne in the Chin will quickly disappear. Well, the squeeze of lemon water and mix with a little water, then apply the lemon juice and water to affected your Chin acne. After 20 minutes, wash with clean water.
  3. Use Mask Cucumber. Benefits of cucumber for Acne very much because the cucumber is natural ingredients contains Vitamin E which is high. Well, Vitamin E is a much-needed vitamin to treat acne on the Chin because of the content of antiskid that will ward off free radicals. Slice the cucumber thinly sliced cucumber, then paste it into the area of the Chin there is acne. Immediately lift the cucumber after 20 minutes and wash your skin with a clean slate.
  4. Use Oral Antibiotics. Oral Antibiotic will be very beneficial to kill all the bacteria causes acne that is stuck to your chin. However, to get the drug oral antibiotics, it's good you ask for a prescription in the past and note the given does a doctor so that you do not experience the dangers of antibiotic acne.
  5. Use Topical Retinoids. The way that will also be very powerful to treat acne on the Chin is to buy an existing stone acne medication in pharmacies, that topical retinoid. This is because these medications contain Vitamin A retinoids that will get rid of the dead skin cells, dust, bacteria, dirt clog pores and will support the performance of oral antibiotics that you consume.
  6. Use The Spironolactone. Spironolactone is a drug that is commonly used as a remedy for high blood pressure or is commonly used as an inhibitor of the hormones. This drug will suppress the production of sebum in your skin so as to minimize the risk of acne due to excess oil. In addition, this remedy would be so efficacious as a way of preventing acne while menstruating.

How to prevent acne on Chin

Once you know the different ways of overcoming acne on the Chin, then you, of course, would also like to know how to prevent acne on Chin, isn't it? Because there is a saying preventing is better than cure. Here is how to prevent acne on the Chin.
  1. Change Eating Patterns. Begin to consume healthy foods like vegetables and fruits is a step that you have to start early on remembering the way it will be very powerful in order to prevent the incidence of acne on the Chin. Limit consumption of greasy food, oily food, spicy food, junk-food, or nuts.
  2. Control Stress and enough rest. This is one of the important factors as well. Make sure that whatever you are, don't forget to apply a healthy way of life in order to avoid acne. Find quality time for you to pamper yourself by doing your hobby to avoid stress and also make sure you have enough rest time so that the hormones in your body remains in a stable condition and balanced.
  3. Wash Your Face Regularly. Make sure you have time wash the face routine during the day. When you've finished your activity and exercise, do not allow dust, bacteria, dirt, sweat, excess oil and accumulate in the skin of your face with facial wash, apply the correct way for skin breakouts. Cleanse your skin with the use of clean water and don't forget to use facial SOAP contains salicylic acid so that the process of the removal of those things be more optimally.
  4. Use appropriate make-up. Well, the corresponding cosmetics has a great influence on your skin. When you use cosmetics that are suitable and in accordance with your skin, then you don't need to worry about acne on the Chin will arise. If indeed there is a pimple on the Chin, then we recommend how to remove acne due to wrong cosmetics.

Well, now you have to know every cause of acne on Chin, along with how to cope with and prevent it. Do not forget to always apply some healthy ways to avoid acne and hopefully this article was helpful for you.