Acne On Neck And Jawline - We understand your concern. The Kult oily indeed vulnerable once breakouts. But when acne often appears in certain places, try to pay attention to your habits during this time, roughly related to the location of the acne/not. 

For example often sit hands (dirty hands will move the dirt to the jaw area of the face, especially when not diligently wash the face), using a clean pillowcase, use of certain clothing/accessories are also less clean.
Acne On Neck And Jawline
Acne On Neck And Jawline
For those of you who are concerned about the appearance of acne, there are the following 10 tips from medical to prevent acne:

1. Try The Face Always Clean

Whether you have acne condition or not is very important to always keep clean your face. Clean your face twice a day to clean the face of the dead skin cells, dirt, and oil on the surface of the skin. It is recommended to wash the face two times a day. Use warm water instead of hot and facial cleanser. Use a gentle SOAP because SOAP can make inflammation and strengthen the acne. Avoid rubbing the face too hard, clean the face gently and slowly

2. Use makeup as necessary

While you're breakouts to avoid the use of foundation, powder, blush-on or. When you must use make-up do not forget to clean it when back home. Use the make-up that does not trigger the onset of acne

3. Careful use of the product on the Hair

Avoid using scented oils, oils, or gel in the hair when you're breakouts. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner because oily hair can add in oil content to the face.

4. Do Not Touch The Face

Avoid touching your face while skin breakouts. Touch the face not only can spread bacteria because it can irritate the face when the skin is getting You're sensitive.

5. Avoid The Sun

Ultraviolet light can improve the process of an inflammation redness. Don't forget to use sunscreen when exposed to the Sun.

6. Provide Nutrients To The Skin

Expand vegetable and fruit consumption and avoid the consumption of foods that are high in fat.

7. Sports

Regular exercise is very good for the body including the skin. Avoid the use of clothes or sports that can irritate the skin. Remember to shower after exercising.

8. Avoid psychological stress

Some studies associate the growth of acne with stressful conditions. Therefore, avoid stress and enjoy life!

To address acne that feels pain can be dealt with using anti-inflammation you can earn when medical treatment to a dermatologist. Such an explanation can we provide. Maybe useful.