Acne scars on the face including one skin problems are also harming the environment as well as acne. Acne inflamed and the skin covered by a pimple for too long will certainly leave the more difficult acne scars to disappear. 

The cause is due to the presence of acne on the skin can damage the structure of the layers of the skin itself. While this is now how to get rid of acne scars is not difficult at all. Because of the myriad ways that are offered ranging from ways to use natural materials to use laser aid
Acne Scar Laser Treatment
Acne Scar Laser Treatment
As for how to remove acne scars faster feels the benefits is to use laser aid. This powerful way to overcome acne scars and deliver maximum results. Acne scars that will imprint on the skin have a different shape. If seen from the form that acne scars on the skin after acne cured there are several kinds, following his review:

a. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a change that occurs in the skin color after the acne heal. Change the color of the skin can lead to uneven skin tone on the face. So when you see the face through the mirror of your face will look striped where skin tones acne scars look more black. 

Actually, this happens due to the shape of the protection of the skin when acne is inflamed. Almost all people who suffer from Acne on your face will experience hyperpigmentation on the former ace.

b. Ice Pick Scars

Ice pick scars are scars on the face that has a hole in the form of a pocket. It's just a hole that is formed on the skin are small – small like a prick. Usually, ice picks these scars only up to the epidermis layer just so it looks like the size of pores on the face.

c. Boxcar Scars

Boxcar scars have a size that is larger than the hole in the ice pick scars. Boxcar scars it makes the skin look uneven and almost the entire surface of the skin to look like that. Meratanya no longer causes of the skin surface is due to the destruction of collagen layers under the skin. Collagen serves to keep the elastic the skin so the skin looks supple and fresh..

d. Rolling Scars

Acne scars next known as rolling scars, where rolling scars it is acne scars that leave the skin's surface looks like a bumpy. The cause of this is the loss of rolling scars the tissue layers of the skin so there is the pull of the skin made it towards the deeper layers. Rolling scars require treatment that is long enough to be able to make the surface of the skin back to being flat.

e. Keliod

The last of acne scars is the presence of lumps of tissue that spreads out from the size of the Zit before. The presence of Kelo still interferes with the same as any other form of acne scars.

For acne scars themselves are indeed needed proper handling in order to soon be overcome. However, the exact handling also requires a match by looking at the types of acne scars. The more severe acne scars on the skin are more difficult and take a long time to heal him.

The Workings Of The Laser

Treatment using lasers have a way of working that maximum to help cope with a wide range of skin problems on the face. How it works by using laser treatment is done with methods of work as follows:
  • Vacuum advance to lift all impurities including blackheads and pimples on the skin of the face.
  • The laser beam on the skin will make the top layer as if injured.
  • Furthermore, the laser beam will spread to the skin tissue in order to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.
  • Stimulates the production of collagen to repair the damaged skin tissue and also help to tighten the skin of the face.

How it works by using a laser beam it spent about one hour. It is indeed quite long because results are given for a one-time treatment is also the maximum.

Types of Laser Treatments

In conducting treatment by using the help of a laser beam, there are several types of laser treatment. Treatment with the use of a laser beam it helps you to get rid of acne scars are red and black. As well as laser treatments improve the uneven structure of the skin due to Acne into a flat back. 

This laser treatment makes you look very beautiful and mesmerizing. Well, the following types of laser treatments that need to be known amongst other things:

a. Laser Fractional

This first type of laser called the fractional, where the laser this laser is a noninvasive and laser using carbon dioxide. Many have used the treatment with this type because of the benefits it offers are:
  • Overcome the wrinkles on the skin by helping to tighten facial skin.
  • Disguise the scars that occur on the face.
  • Remove warts on the skin.

If you have a skin problem as mentioned above, this type of treatment is the right choice to handle it.

b. The Erbium Laser

The next type of laser is erbium laser has a wavelength of 2940 meters reach. So while on the skin will feel pain. The benefits of this skin for erbium laser is:
  • Help to regenerate dead skin and stimulates new skin cells.
  • Collagen is increased due to the stimulus provided this erbium laser.

But in addition to providing benefits to your skin, it also has the erbium laser side effects on the skin after treatment. Now here are some side effects i.e. the skin becomes dry, swelling of the skin, hyperpigmentation and sense heat on the skin.

That's what the two types of treatment by using a laser that delivers benefits to your skin

The Benefits Of Laser

In the medical world especially beauty benefits of laser already proven to solve skin problems such as acne and acne scars. In general use, laser aid is a way that is safe and does not cause pain. But the price for all the treatment could reach one to two million dollars. The following benefits lase for skin include:

1. Fight Acne Bacteria

Acne-causing bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes. These bacteria can make the acne be breeding faster so that it meets all of the skin if not immediately done the right way. Against acne, a bacterium can be done by using the help of a laser. The laser is effective against acne bacterium so that it can help you to overcome the existing acne on the face.

2. Increase Skin Collagen

The compound of collagen on the skin used to keep suppleness of skin and prevent wrinkles on the skin. But along with the increase of age collagen production in the skin is being reduced. Therefore, the required additional collagen from consuming the food into the stomach such as fruit and vegetables that are rich in collagen. In addition to consuming fruit and vegetables increasing collagen on the skin is to use the help of a laser. Laser on skin helps to improve collagen production so your skin will always look young.

3. Controlling Excess Oil

Causes of acne are also due to the production of sebaceous glands on the face. Oil glands are useful for keeping skin moist face in normal limits. But if the production of oil glands become redundant can lead to facial pores become clogged causing acne. The safest way is to control the oil on the face. As do the cleaning of the face with the right product, avoid eating foods that can stimulate the production of excess oil on the face and use care with the help of a laser. The laser is believed helpful to control excess oil on the face.

4. Facial Skin To Become Smooth

The benefits of laser treatments with the fourth is making a smooth facial skin. In this moment now where women who don't want to have a smooth face. Even to get a smooth face each other vying for women can look beautiful and mesmerizing. This is normal because it is a woman's instinct to want to look beautiful on various occasions. But to get a smooth facial skin requires a process and effort by doing proper care.

5. Facial Skin Become White

The fifth benefit from treatments using laser facial skin is as white and bright. Almost all women agree if it has a white face skin thus facial beauty will look perfect. A whole range of treatments done to get the facial skin is white. Including care by using this laser. If you are interested to try it please just because this treatment is safe and there have been many who try to do so.

6. Remove Acne Scars

Terakhit the benefits of laser treatments is to help eliminate acne scars. According to people who've tried it once already care for revealing the results by disguising acne scars be pocked face. It is proven to be safe and guaranteed. On the other hand, eliminate acne scars with the laser will get maximum results when it is done up to as much as eight times the treatment.