Have you already given up in addressing the problem of acne scars that still resided in the face? Maybe it's time You glance at the laser line for the sake of quality facial skin.

Is actually what causes the onset of acne scar or acne scars? According to Ultimo Aesthetic & Dental Center, scar acne is scarring that can look deeper than the embossed area surrounding skin.

Generally, the scars of that experienced by the owner of the acne that often does the manipulation through the action of removing the contents of the acne.
Laser Treatment For Acne Scars
Laser Treatment For Acne Scars
The formation of acne scar that can be influenced by the case of the severity of the lesions, acne sufferers, to the tempo of the delay in the patient handle it. Almost 95% of patients who have sores of acne scars are classified in the severity of mild to moderate.

No wonder many patients anyway, still considers paltry acne scars or tend to just trust his recovery through treatment cream from the outside.

Moreover, indeed some individuals still afraid to try the laser way to remove acne scars, may be caused due to his or the possibility of the issue price offered.

But earlier, you better know it used to be some type of acne scars that need to know:

1. Ice-pick Scars

Traits: acne scars are small and leave holes on the surface of the skin, such as when pierced sharps and tend to manifest similar ice shards.

The former usually extends to the dermis, but at first glance, it looks like the pores that are wide open.

2. Boxcar Scars

Traits: acne scars are round or oval-shaped, and its size is also larger than the ice-pick scars and makes the surface of the skin becomes visibly grooved or uneven.

The destruction of collagen due to the inflammation of acne being one of the causes of the occurrence of the boxcar, not to mention the skin tissue to disappear so that the layers below it becomes open and left without a protector.

But normally only arise at the boxcar skin surface or may deepest layers of your skin, depending on the case of the missing skin tissue.

3. Rolling Scar

Traits: acne scars that leave the skin surface so bumpy and uneven.

The cause of the occurrence of acne scars because of the existence of the ' network ' that ties between the surface of the skin and the layers of the skin underneath. They're bonds as if pulling the skin toward deeper layers.

4. Keloids

Traits: acne scars be formed like a blob of tissue that hardens and usually grows to widen from the size of the Zit before. This case happens because under the body that produces excess collagen. Generally, Keloids are mostly experienced chest area, especially in men.

5. Hyperpigmentation

Traits: acne scars that are characterized by a discoloration of the skin and some cases accompanied by inflammation in acne. Typically, the hyperpigmentation has the different color of skin colors such as reddish, purple, Brown, to black, depending on the type of the owner.

This case happens when the sores, rashes, acne or other stimuli as the cause of inflammation in the skin, so that eventually triggers the skin to produce melanin.


Then how does the laser in the reduction of acne scars? The principle is destroying the outer most layers of the skin or epidermis seems created scarring or inflammation in the skin using the help of a laser beam.

Strong light from the laser is able to penetrate the layers of the skin, and then injure the skin surface most outside. After arriving in the skin tissue, its light will stimulate the production of collagen and cell renewal, in order to tighten the skin.

Then a layer of damaged skin of yesteryear is slowly disappearing so it will grow new skin layer from the bottom.

Laser treatments usually take about 60 minutes, depending on the case of acne scar the patient.

There will be a period of downtime, however, you still can play as usual. It's just that it needs attention and care in particular.


Here's a laser treatment to reduce acne scars:

1. Fractional CO2 Laser

If Fractional Laser can be classified into a non-invasive laser, then laser Fractional Laser with carbon dioxide has a different step. This method is more useful for treating problem skin kind of scars, warts, or wrinkles.

How does laser treatment begin by administering anesthetic cream on my entire face, then carried out the technique of scarring through the laser beam? There will be a scar for a few days, then gradually diminishes acne scars and reduces the formation of the pocked face.

2. Laser-Erbium

Laser method is said to be more advanced and has minimal pain effect of fractional CO2 laser treatment. It is because the rays of laser have been modified with a wavelength of 2940 nm, and is designed to generate heat that is ideal so that dead skin cells can be safely Peel.

The laser is also capable of stimulating the production of new collagen naturally, followed the expertise in detecting the thickness of the skin. So the peels will evenly well on thick layers of skin, or thin.

After a very, facial skin will feel tighter, then it was only on the second or third day slowly dead skin cells will peel off. In addition, to suitable for removing blemishes, scars laser is also able to make facial skin glow so much brighter.

3. Pixel Laser

This laser will create super small holes in your skin, and then work to get rid of the outermost layer of the skin. After that, the surrounding skin cells intact will serve as guidance for the process of healing quickly.

The Pixel laser is also the same as the erbium lasers will stimulate the growth of new collagen to tighten the skin while simultaneously making the expanse becomes soft.

Before going to do the process of anesthesia, and as long as there is an uncomfortable sense of craftsmanship. After treatment, the skin will feel a similar hot red rash and sunburn followed slightly swollen during 24-48 hours.

Do laser treatments have to be done some session? Of course, there is the repetition of pelu in accordance with the conditions and cases of acne scars you experience.

While the side effects will occur when you perform the laser treatment are:

1. Taste the heat

A laser beam that touches the skin directly, usually gives the sensation of heat instantly burned like ultraviolet.

2. The skin Drier

During the restoration, there was also found a leather case easy to dry out. It is recommended that patients apply Moisturiser cream recommended by your doctor, or multiple drinking mineral waters so that blood circulation more smoothly.

3. There is a Swelling

Likely to arise the redness on the skin of the face. Once also found in other cases such as hives on the affected part of the laser, until slightly puffy.

But don't worry, the condition still is common and it took some time to recover it back.

4. Mild irritation

Patients, Please note handling face during recovery, often to avoid touching, rubbing, or scratching the parts that have been hit by the laser beam.

Because of the above would make the scars become irritations, acne treatment is not a maximum, so that concludes with a cause the skin to bumpy as before.

5. Skin Darkening

Factors of skin pigment the patient greatly influences the effects of laser for acne, if the owner of the skin is darker then the impacts that arise are usually associated with hyperpigmentation.

It is feared the skin will be getting darker, the better you consult in advance to a dermatologist before doing laser treatment.

6. Avoid Exposure to the Sun

After the laser treatment, patients are highly recommended to not directly exposed to the Sun. This is required so that the infection does not occur so as for inhibiting recovery.

If you want to try to eliminate acne scars through the laser method, here are some clinic recommendation Bazaar:

Fractional laser Aesthetic in Ultimo & Dental Center

The clinic offers some measures to eliminate ablative acne scar, the most recommended is a laser technology the impact of Trans-Epidermal Delivery (iTED) and principles of collaboration between radio frequency and ultrasound.

Its function is to improve the delivery of the drug substance to the skin that is being done the therapy. In addition, there is also a choice of actions in areas such as surgical excision or punch sub is, as well as the injection of filler if necessary.

Plasma Laser in clinic Dermaster

This laser can be used to get rid of acne scars on the pocked, active acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, xanthelasma, and keloid formation.

One of the most advanced is that this laser is the treatment of aesthetic blepharoplasty to perform acts (discard the skin of the eyelid due to aging) and make a double eyelid.

Plasma Laser itself is non-operation or without incisions, do not use the flow of electricity, security, as well as the pain and the side effects, are minimal.

Profractional Laser clinic miracle Miracle

Laser fractional method or microbeam is effective to improve the structure of the skin. This tool is highly recommended for owners of the problem on the face have acne scars or basin-shaped scar on the skin's surface.

On the other hand, care is also capable of revitalizing while rejuvenating Your skin quality.