Can't you predict the location of next menstruation dates as accurate as acne? Some people indeed experience growing acne is always in the same location.
Why Do People Get Cystic Acne
Why Do People Get Cystic Acne
Fortunately, there are steps that can be done to end the stubborn acne that makes the frustrating, said Joshua Zeichner, Director of clinical and cosmetic dermatological research at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City.

What you need to know about the types of acne-irritating, also how to banish acne forever.

The Recalcitrant Cystic Acne

Acne bulging and never appear alone is often referred to as cystic acne. Cystic acne is famous because it always appears in the same spot exactly, said Zeichner. They develop when one's pores, which forms a long tube-like, branching out. Causes of oil rotate from the path to the skin's surface.

As it happens, the oil forms a shape like a balloon under the skin. Inflate and deflate him depending on how much of the oil produced.

Cystic acne changes the structure of the skin. So, there is no way to treat it yourself, said Zeichner. That means one must wait for Acne comes out or meet up with a dermatologist to treat it.

Chances are your doctor will give you a shot of cortisone. Especially when one only gets one or two acne within a month. If not, he or she may prescribe a medication for Acne cure it.

Removing The Contents of a Dangerous Acne

Although it feels good, removing the contents of acne like weapons packed masters. Once You squeeze out the contents of white pimples until she explodes, there's a possibility the rest of blockage that cannot be fully raised. That is, Acne can be inflamed again, said Zeichner.

Other acne causing irritation to appear right next to pimples before. "It may look like acne, but it is not."

To prevent pores blocked more use salicylic acid treatment. This treatment removes excess oil and keeps pores clean. It could also wear a treatment that was applied at the point of acne. Medicinal products containing benzoyl peroxide can kill the bacteria on the skin causes acne.

The habit of slouchy to blame. Squeeze a pimple at a time when stress or simply a whim, making acne arise exactly in the same place over and over again, said Zeichner explained.

"Touch the face repeatedly in the same area could push dirt and oil into the pores of the pad area, thus causing the acne," she continued.

In addition to eliminating the habit of pressing the acne, Zeichner recommends products based salicylic acid, as well as combining benzoyl peroxide treatment in everyday life to kill bacteria that are left behind.

Blame The Menstrual Period

If you think menstrual period one of these annoying cause of acne. Zeichner said, many female breakouts at the one-third of their face or from the nose to the bottom of the face while the coming months.

"Perhaps the oil glands in Your face part so more sensitive to hormones. Many women also acne arises in other areas, such as the neck and forehead during a menstrual period. "

Use a salicylic acid cleanser before your menstrual period. His goal was to eliminate the excess oil, so the pores stay clean when hormones are not incoherent.