Certainly we all have experienced acne problems, whether it's a bummer the spots on the face or large lumps. The more we are adults, the more problems that could arise. Similarly, Acne can also get worse.
Hormonal Cystic Acne
Hormonal Cystic Acne
Acne due to hormones in adults is the very thing that sucks because of her treatment difficult and interfere with the appearance, reduce confidence, and pains in the face. The following 10 things you need to know about acne due to hormonal;

1. Acne due to hormones in adults is more common than you know

Maybe you think of adolescence is the time when you have to deal with the problem of acne, but research shows that there are still 50% of people in their 20s and 25% of people aged 30-40s still have acne problems.

2. Acne due to hormonal most occur around the Chin, mouth, and jaw

A pimple at a time when adolescents are likely to appear in the area of zone-T (forehead, nose, and Chin), but acne due to hormones in adults almost looks like a beard that appears at the bottom of the face.

3. Hormones in men is the problem

Androgen, a male hormone that is found in both men and women, a factor also causes the occurrence of acne. In terms of the appearance of acne, androgen levels can be increased or normal, and both of these androgens will release more oil glands which cause the appearance of acne.

4. The pain was normal and cystic bumps

If you are experiencing a lump or bump that is sensitive on the face, it may be due to hormones. Acne due to hormonal acne tend to produce large and painful. It is important to keep in mind, you may not scrape, touching, or solve this because Acne can leave scars.

5. Topical treatments that do not work properly

Topical treatment is the drug locally by means of applying drug on the skin's surface. In some cases of acne due to hormonal, topical treatments may not provide benefits. This happens because the acne you emerge from the body not because of outside factors. If topical treatments that do not produce anything, good you check with your doctor immediately.

6. You can check hormone levels you

Hormonal tests can be done specifically to check for hormonal imbalances that may cause your acne. A doctor can provide treatment that could help you who have acne was or is accompanied by severe problems related to the hormone, such as weight gain and hair growth.

7. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common cause of his

If the acne you appear along with facial and body hair grew you the uncertain, PMS, weight problems, acne may be caused due to the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a hormonal imbalance that often causes small cysts grow in the ovaries (ovarian). 

In addition, this syndrome is also associated with many other problems will slowly emerge. If the above symptoms sound familiar to you or when you experience it, it's time you check with your doctor.

8. Oral contraceptives can help regulate hormones you

A common way to control hormones and clear acne you are with taking birth control pills. This pill can lower the levels of testosterone in the body of your regular trigger oil production and lead to acne. In this way, the amount of acne will usually be lost or diminished gradually.

9. Spironolakton is also able to help you

Spironolakton is Aldactone or the most common drug used to treat high blood pressure but when used concurrently with oral contraceptives, can you clear acne. This medicine is an antiandrogen that means inhibit androgen hormones in our body.

10. What you eat could be a trigger for Acne

If there is no way that managed to reduce the acne you, then perhaps a diet and what you eat becomes the source of the problem. For example some people breakouts due to consuming nuts. Try to identify what you eat does that trigger acne for you? It is important for you to remember, consuming vegetables and foods with a low glycemic index can make your skin look healthier.