The forehead is the T on the face (T-Zone), which is often blanketed with oily and acne. Because the forehead composes 30% of our facial area, then the beauty and softness on the forehead to be one of the factors that must be considered if we are to perform optimally at every opportunity.

To that end, the presence of acne and acne scars on the forehead to be an issue that deserves to be taken into account. Not just the ruining the aesthetics of the skin of your face, pimples on the forehead in great numbers and never lost more potentially leave permanent scars pocked which certainly will be very influential in the sense of trust yourself
How To Clear Forehead Acne
How To Clear Forehead Acne
However, the handling of pimples on the forehead is precisely the wrong can cause increased existing acne worse. Therefore, sufficient knowledge and understanding of the causes of acne on the forehead will be a determinant factor in an effort to get rid of acne on my forehead.


Knowing for certain the cause of acne in between your eyes, you can formulate the actions of prevention and how to cope with pimples on forehead accurately. Therefore, the following Causes pimples on the forehead and some tips to overcome and eliminate pimples on the forehead.


Excessive use of cosmetics in a long period of time can clog the pores of your face. Moreover, if the condition or type of oily or combination is to avoid that tend to secrete excess oil in the T-Zone area. To overcome this problem, avoid using cosmetics that are heavy and dense blockage formation allows for more causes acne and blackheads.

Instead, use a moisturizer or cosmetics are soft with a special formulation that can suppress the production of excess oil on the forehead. Appear natural as possible is one of the simple ways to prevent acne on my forehead. In addition, make sure to always clean up between your eyes at night towards the bed to minimize blockage that may occur due to dirt or residual Cosmetics in the form of micro sticking on the forehead.

2. The CONSUMPTION of certain drugs

Some medications or medical treatments are being tempered in some cases can affect the Hormonal condition and cause excess oil production so that in the process came the pimples on the forehead or on the other face.

Not surprisingly, some people have had a propensity for breakouts after eating certain medications such as birth control pills. To resolve it, please you consulting with doctors. Maybe you can get a prescription to another so that the pimples on forehead don't appear in blindly.


Dandruff and oily scalp that was associated with acne on my forehead. Because dandruff and oil on the scalp can easily stick on the hair shaft. If you have bangs or hair model another model that allows the hair shaft touching the surface of the skin on the face, acne may occur.

Dirt and Dandruff on a micro scale that attaches to the hair can cause pore blockage when the hair shaft does to avoid surface interactions with, especially the forehead. Therefore, if you often have pimples on the forehead, hair bangs was probably the cause. Keep clean the hair thus becomes the solution to cope with acne on my forehead.


Some of the ingredients contained in the product shampoo or conditioner can sometimes cause allergic reactions in the skin of the head. If pimples on forehead or skin that is bordered by overgrown hair acne are excessive, it may set out on a beauty product for hair like shampoo or conditioner.

To cope with acne on my forehead because of this problem, use a shampoo or conditioner that has a lightweight material. Avoid using shampoo or conditioner with pungent fragrances because the material contained therein deodorizer can block the pores and cause skin irritation.

Always make sure you rinse the Hair thoroughly after shampooing or using conditioner to prevent the certain content of shampoos/conditioners are still lags behind and stick to the surface of the skin.

5. Use of hats, helmets, and VEILS

Similar as with bangs hair that can cause acne on my forehead. Hats, helmets, and the hood are also one of the very media potential to carry oil, dirt, germs, and bacteria that can cause a blockage of the pores on your face, especially in the area around the hair so that it can cause pimples on forehead.

Therefore, ensure the cleanliness of equipment above diligently wash hats and veils, helmets, which you wear for everyday purposes. Leave the hats, helmets, and hoods for weeks without being cleaned can make them thick with oil and dirt that is not only harmful to avoid but also your imagination as a slovenly and irresponsible against your body.


While sleeping face-down, your face will be directly confronted with a pillowcase or bed linen. This is very bad not only when the sheets or pillowcases bring a lot of germs and dirt, but also because of the unexpected movements on while sleeping can create friction and causes a mild irritation on his face.

Therefore, you can try to sleep lying position or inclined to minimize the friction that occurs and the migration of germs and dirt from the pillowcase/bed linen a mattress to the skin face. However, the lack of contact with the pillowcase is not a reason to not clean pillowcases we regularly because we never know what we do at the moment.

In addition can prevent pimples on the forehead, sleeps lying can also avoid the formation of wrinkles on the face so that it makes you look more youthful naturally.


Some references mention the link between the activity of organisms in our body with the formation of pimples on the face. In some cases, Acne can be a sign of how bad the condition of the body's health our bodies, either in part or in whole.

In General, the pimples on the forehead or around the forehead can appear due to disorders of the digestive system and liver function. To cope with acne on my forehead because of this factor, a healthy lifestyle which includes improvements to diet, sleep, and exercise can be very helpful.

Some good foods to optimize gastrointestinal conditions, among others, wheat, bananas, ginger, yogurt, and asparagus. While the food was good to improve liver function include tomatoes, walnuts, apples, olive oil, grain, lemon, and green vegetables.

Have you already found the causes of acne are currently perched in between your eyes? Independent diagnosis sometimes quite helpful as a basis for determining the steps that we have to do to get rid of acne on my forehead.

Some people can be so lucky as to find the causes of pimples on the forehead are natural and he was easily over it in ways above. However, some people will quit in despair because it cannot handle the pimples on the forehead though with all the way over.